Is Aloe Rid Shampoo Right For Detoxifying Your Hair?

You are likely aware that athletic commissions drug test athletes for performance enhancing drugs, and yet they constantly update the list of forbidden substances.

Chances are that you might have been taking a drug that was not on the list of banned drugs last year but has been included in the latest list. The DEA sends updates about such additions via email to people who play sports.

However, many of them, including elite level athletes forget to check these details and end up being banned from their respective sporting event for many months.

A classic example is that of Maria Sharapova, who was handed a two-year ban, later reduced to 15 months because she was taking drugs for her heart conditions.

Remember, the ingredients of the performance boosting drugs penetrate every part of your body, and it is impossible to remove all traces using a single method.

Drinking lots of water, which is a natural detox, might remove traces of drugs from your body; but what about your hair?

The focus of this website is to analyze the Old Style Aloe Rid Shampoo, which has been getting a lot of praise online from “detox blogs” thanks to it’s ability to help you pass a hair follicle drug test.  

Before we get into the Aloe Rid Shampoo reviews, know that the drug testing sophistication has been raised to new heights recently, and you have to know there are very few products that actually work to help you pass hair follicle tests.  

New Drug Tests to Detect Presence of Drugs

The DEA are regularly researching new methods to detect traces of drugs in the body of athletes. The hair follicle test is one of them.

Be prepared for a harsh surprise when you get yourself checked for drug traces in your body.

Although most such tests depend on urine samples, the pathologists of the drug enforcement agency have found out that athletes nowadays depend on fake urine, to bypass urine tests and get a clean chit.

The hair follicle test allows them to extract traces of toxic substances present in your hair. You can rest assured that you will fail the drug test if the authorities find traces of it in your hair, and traces of it may remain in your hair for weeks or months.

However, manufacturers of detoxification products too are coming up with new methods to remove drug traces from the body, including that from the hair too.

Aloe Rid Shampoo is one such product that removes toxins present in the hair. Individuals who wonder if it works should read details about it, provided below.

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What Does Aloe Rid Shampoo Do?

Athletes depend on this shampoo to remove traces of marijuana from the hair follicles. Marijuana is well known for helping with recovery and has been used by athletes for nearly two decades.

Ross Robagliati, the famous snowboarder first tested positive for traces of marijuana in his blood in the 1998 Japan games. He was lucky to retain his medal since tetrahydrocannabinol, the active ingredient in cannabis, was not in the International Olympic Committee’s list of banned substances at that time.

However, rules have changed a lot since then and marijuana is now included in the list of banned drugs. You might remove traces of the same from your blood with detox drinks; it is a different ball game regarding removal traces of this banned drug from the hair follicles.

However, you need not worry as you can depend on Aloe Rid shampoo to eliminate all traces of tetrahydrocannabinol from your hair.

Other Shampoo’s Claim to be the Best for Hair Follicle Tests

There is no doubt that the manufacturers of other detoxification shampoos will try to promote their product as the best. They do work but are unable to remove cannabis entirely from your hair follicles.

For your information, traces of marijuana remain in your hair for several months, which is a substantial period, considering other drugs hardly remain in your system for more than a month.

Drug metabolites present in your hair are structurally and chemically stable in the core shaft of your hair. It is impossible to remove them by bleaching, scrubbing, or washing your hair with normal shampoos. You need a medical grade hair detoxification shampoo such as Aloe Rid to remove the traces of drugs and the metabolites produced by them from your hair.

How Does Aloe Rid Shampoo Work?

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Aloe Rid consists of two parts… the basic product as well as an ultra clean shampoo. To get the best results, you should use both of them together. The shaft of your hair consists of three layers… the medulla, cortex, and the cuticle.

The tetrahydrocannabinol metabolites are typically stored in the cortex, which is protected by the cuticle…a layer of overlapping cells, up to 12 layers deep.

In order to remove the toxic substances from the cortex, the cuticle has to be opened prior to penetration of the shampoo. The Aloe Rid shampoo includes several ingredients along with high propane glycol that helps to open the cuticle, allowing the shampoo to remove traces of cannabis from the cortex. This is the initial stage.

In the second stage, the ultra clean shampoo completes the deep cleaning process with the help of a special conditioner. Unlike other shampoos of the same type, the Aloe Rid contains ingredients that, apart from removing traces of marijuana from your hair, keep it soft and silky too.

The list of ingredients includes:

• Water
• Cocamide DEA
• Tocopheryl acetate
• Panthenol
• Soybean sterol
• Avocado oil

This is just a partial list. Do not take any risk with your sporting career. If you have been taking marijuana, and want to participate in competitive sports, remove traces of the drug from your hair with Aloe Rid. As this shampoo works on all types of hair, you can use it safely, and be sure that you will pass the hair follicle drug test.

Why let a Drug Test Scare You?